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Learning CPA as a non-native English speaker is difficult. With my online course, your preparation will be easier, faster and well planned.

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Our Program Gives You Access To:

  • Video lessons from a qualified accountant

  • Courses entirely in Chinese

  • A modern web application

  • A proven learning method

  • Online Q&A sessions

  • Easy access to our community and teacher

  • Highly relevant past exam papers

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5 Key Elements To Your Success

1. Follow Our Study Plan

The Study Plan is the perfect tool for a stress-free preparation. It is your map to success. With it, you know what to study and when.

Inside the study plan, you will find a study week table, breaking down how many videos you need to watch weekly and a detailed study plan per module.

2. Study On Any Devices

Our platform works on phones, tablets, and computers, allowing you to study anywhere, anytime.

You can use your login access to keep your progress synced in and continue your preparation from any devices.

3. Be Part Of A Team Of Students

Our WeChat group is a place where we can stay connected, learn, and grow with other students and community members.

Are you feeling stuck or lacking motivation? You can see the group as a source of motivation allowing you to stay on track with your preparation and find answers to your questions.

4. Attend Q&A Live Webinars

As a premium student, you will have access to 4 live online webinars where I go over your questions, and the most commonly asked questions. (The recorded version will be available)

The goal of the webinars is to help you memorize the topic and get rid of your uncertainties.

5. Practice Past Exams Questions

To improve significantly your chance of success, you will received over 50 past exams questions.

This is a selection of the most problematic questions students face. This is your last step to a successful outcome.

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