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ethics and governance

Enlightened Self Interest

Enlightened self-interest 这个观念的核心思想是, 鱼和熊掌可以兼得, 另一种说法是 doing well by doing good. Ethics and Governance 这门课, 提出了两个人的观点: 第1个观点是 Robson and…

ethics and governance

Live Webinar | 5 Critical Topics To Pass Ethics & Governance

Here are the five topics we covered in this webinar: Topic 1 . What is Ethics and Governance talking about? Topic 2 . What is the suggested…

ethics and governance

Webinar | Review Case Study And Exam Tips

This is a review of the first webinar(shorter) covering the two topics students prefered on 8/8/20 Topic 1 . How to answer case study or…

ethics and governance

Public Interest VS Self Interest?

作为职场中的会计, 我们可以接触到很多敏感的公司财务信息和员工薪资信息. 我们所接触的信息越机密, 我们所面对的诱惑也越大. 我们的职责是应该服务于大众 Public-Interest, 还是为了自己的利益而行事呢 Self-Interest…

ethics and governance

APES 110 Code Of Ethics

Ethics and Governance (EG) 这门课第二章中最重要的知识点是道德准则, APES 110 Code of Ethics for professional accountants…

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