Ethics And Governance

Module 3 | Governance concepts

Course Overview

Course Outline

Module 3 of ETHICS AND GOVERNANCE outlines the key features of the corporate governance, theories of corporate governance and the key components in corporate governance frameworks. You will also learn Codes and Guidance as well as governance issues in other sectors, such as the public sector.

ETHICS AND GOVERNANCE这门课中的Module 3,描述了公司治理的主要特征,公司治理的理论,以及公司治理框架的关键组成部分。您还将学习有关公司治理的准则和指南,以及其他非公司制中的治理问题,例如政府部门。

Course Objectives

  1. describe corporate governance and explain why it is important
  2. evaluate the importance of the key elements of the corporate governance framework
  3. describe the nature of corporations and the division of corporate powers
  4. discuss agency theory and how it is used to understand corporate behaviour
  5. discuss the key features of corporate structure
  6. examine the characteristics and duties of directors and other officers
  7. explain the various international approaches to corporate governance
  8. analyse how robust governance is relevant to public sector and non-corporate entities
  9. interpret and apply codes and principles of corporate governance.

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